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School holidays are upon us once again, and with international borders closed, now is the perfect time to pack up the kids and get out and discover the vast and wondrous land that is Australia. 

When it was just you and your mates heading away, it was probably easy to pack up the swag, some food, and bevies and head off. Add one or even a couple of tiny humans, and things get a bit more tricky. These are some of the tried and true tips from the heroes that have come before you.

The easiest way to keep kids clean

“Some communal camp shower facilities are cold, not so clean, or maybe non-existent. Baby wipes are the perfect camping cleaning tool, wipe off sand or mud after a day of fun, clean hands before eating, or use for a daily bath.”

Bonus use install some Maxliner Floor Liners before you head off, and they will protect the interior of your vehicle from sand, mud, dropped food, and drinks and can be wiped down with your multi-purpose baby wipes.  

Pick a destination with something for everyone.

 “Ease the boredom of camping and get a little bit of adult time by visiting a holiday park. Some Big 4 resorts have a kids club school holiday program with staff to amuse and supervise the kids.”

Camping may be a little boring for some kids. With a Rocky Mounts bike carrier, you can bring along the family’s bikes and explore the local area to break up the day and burn some energy.

Keep track of what you take.

“The more stuff you take means, the more things you have to lose. Make a list of what you take with you and check it off as you leave, it might take an extra 10 minutes, but it will save you hours of driving if you get halfway home and find that Timmy’s favourite toy is by the river.”

Got a ute? Pack like a pro with the help of Maxboxes. They keep your gear organised, are weatherproof, covered a lifetime warranty, and can double as an esky when you hit your favouorite camp spot.

Be prepared for Mother Nature.

“Being out in mother nature is fantastic most of the time, but a tent, swag, or camper trailers can be a little cosy when its too hot or wet. Adding an awning will give your family extra space to stretch out in, and they take up minimal room when mounted to your ute.”

And We cannot stress this enough, even though these little people come with lots of stuff already, have wet weather backup activities, lego, colouring or books, card or board games or even a hidden iPad.

Plastic Tubs are your friend.

“Cheap, stackable, see-through, weatherproof, and robust ones can double as some camp seating. Plus, you can take them inside to pack or unpack things such as clothes or food or leave them in the shed with your camping gear ready to go.”

Team them up with a MaxSliding Tray, and you will be packing and unpacking in an instant.

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