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If your work ute is more than just a vehicle to you and doubles as your daily office or toolbox, getting it kitted out properly can make your life much easier. Whether hauling tools to a job site or carting gear for a weekend getaway, the right setup can make all the difference to your day. We asked our team to pick the perfect accessories to boost their ute’s functionality, and they told us this.

Maxliner Floor Mats

First up, let’s talk about keeping that cab clean. If you find yourself hopping in and out of your ute with boots that have seen mud, concrete, or just about anything from the great outdoors, our floor mats are your best mate. They’re precision-engineered to fit your vehicle perfectly, offering top-notch protection against whatever your boots can throw at them. Easy to clean and tough as nails, these liners ensure your ute’s interior stays in top nick.

Venture Canopy

Next on the list is a canopy, Venture Canopy to be precise. Perfect for tradies and adventurers alike, these canopies turn the back of your ute into a secure, weather-resistant space for all your tools or camping gear. Not only do they look sharp, but they also protect your valuables from both theft and the harsh Aussie elements. It’s like having a loyal mate watching your back at all times.

Keep the Back of Your Ute Sorted

Whether you’re a tradie with tools for every job or an adventurer with gear for every outing, the right setup can transform your ute from a cluttered mess to a well-oiled machine. The team had two favourite solutions, so we decided to share both.

Sliding Tray

When it comes to accessing your gear, there’s nothing handier than a sliding tray. Maxliner’s sliding trays bring everything within easy reach, so you no longer have to climb into the tub to grab your heavy toolbox. It’s about saving your back and time, making every pull-out smooth and swift.

RV Storage Solutions Drawer Systems

If you aren’t lugging tools or gearboxes, check out a customisable drawer system from RV Storage Solutions. Whether you’re keeping your smaller tools sorted or stowing away those bits and bobs that always seem underfoot, these drawers mean business.

Rhino Rack Roof Racks

And for the big stuff? Rhino-Rack roof racks are the go. These racks are sturdy enough to handle bulky items like ladders or timber, freeing up space inside your tub for other essentials.

Equipping your work ute isn’t just about adding bits and pieces; it’s about ensuring every addition works as hard as you do. Each accessory should make your working day smoother and more secure, from floor liners that fend off the filth to canopies that guard your gear and racks that carry the heavy loads.

Are you not quite sure what you want? Chat with the Maxliner team, and we will quickly get you road-ready. 

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