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With international borders closed, more and more Aussies are hopping into their off-roaders and heading off the beaten track. 

Hilux to Prado, no matter what type of traveller you are, having a 4×4 set-up for your kind of travel can make your next adventure a lot more comfortable, effortless and fun.  Whether you are buying or upgrading a 79 series or Ranger or anything in between, most likely, a stock standard 4WD or ute won’t be ideal.

But if you ask yourself (and your travel companions) a few questions, you will be well on your way to building your ultimate road trip vehicle.     

What type of travelling are you planning on doing?

Short weekend trips or the big lap will depend on what type mods you make. If you are heading off on the big lap, a canopy set up with more permanent fixtures such as drawers and a fridge slide might float your boat. Doing weekend trips to the camping site and then heading back to the job site during the week? Our Maxboxes offer the ultimate in functional, flexible storage.

Where are you planning on sleeping?

Rooftop tent, swag, hotel rooms, or towing a van will all affect how you set up your rig. Rooftop tents are becoming more and more popular as accommodation options but if you aren’t using one getting a decent roof rack set up is the ultimate space saver inside your vehicle. Our team uses and recommends Rhino Rack.

Where are you headed?

If you stay in caravan parks, you can probably get away with an esky and some ice top-ups. Packing up and heading away from civilisation for more than a few days at a time? A fridge and kitchen set-up with a generator could be for you. Staying on the bitumen or heading down to the dunes? Chat to your local off-road tyre expert about what will suit your trip.

Where ever you head, MaxPro Floor Liners, with their lifetime warranty, protect the investment in the interior of your vehicle from sand, mud, and anything else your family can throw at them.

Now your perfect vehicle is built, check out our favourite 4WD Roadtrip Hidden Gems.