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Aussies have always loved a ute, and the last few years have been no exception. In 2021 Hilux, Ranger, D-MAX, and Triton were amongst the top ten vehicles sold in Australia. Canopies are one of the most popular accessories we sell for ute owners. Read on to see how fitting a canopy can enhance your fleet.

Protection for your gear

There is no doubt a ute is handier than a standard vehicle for getting gear from A-B. However, that gear is out in the open; adding a canopy provides additional storage and security from prying eyes and the harsh Australian weather.

As a bonus, our Maxliner canopies are a no-drill fitment and can be removed in as little as an hour with just some handy tools and someone to help you lift it. 

(Even More) Roof Space 

Most people who take their ute from the job site to the campsite have a roof carrying solution from racks to rails and tubs. Adding a high-quality canopy with a mighty load-carrying canopy like our Maxliner range improves your roof carrying ability.  

You can chuck your ladder or longer pipes or planks up top without batting an eyelid for work. And, you have an additional load space for the whole family’s swags and bags when heading off on holidays. Or like our team who rock a rooftop tent on our new Venture canopy. 

Flexible Fit-Outs

Ute canopies not only provide storage, security, and space. They let you personalise the fit-out of your tray interior. This means that you can design a space work for yourself. Need to get to the gear at the back? Add a sliding tray. Want to utilise the space on the sides? Add some Maxboxes. Carrying a load of equipment, you need to keep organised pop in some sliding drawers.

Heavy on quality, light on weight

All Maxliner canopies are ABS. ABS is a thermoplastic polymer material that combines the strength, rigidity, and toughness of three types of material, offering higher impact strength, lighter weight, and a more UV stable finish than traditional fibreglass canopies. 

To help with that roof load carrying, we pride ourselves on the ABS shell is built over a reinforced steel roof that offers our customers a practical and robust canopy option. 

Available in three unique styles, from practical and secure to groundbreaking specifications and electrifying styling, we have a canopy to suit all Aussie ute owners.

Want to add a roof rack to your canopy? Check out our Roof Rack 101.