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Engineered for Aussie vehicles by the automotive aftermarket industry expert, Vandapac Company Ltd

Maxliner Floor Liners are said to be renowned worldwide for their durability, quality, and dependability. Every year, over five hundred thousand sets are reportedly sold across the globe.

A tailored fit and finish

Floor Mats are traditionally a flat mat sold to cover up some of the carpet in your vehicle. While some OEM mats are designed for the car, many mats sold through high-volume retailers are one size fits all. You may even need to trim them to install in some vehicles. Maxliner Australia says its engineers have used the latest CAD technology to offer perfect fits and finishes on every set of MaxPro Floor Liners.

Floor liners which stay in place

Maxliner Australia says its R&D team designs its liners to use a vehicle’s existing retention system. Using the retention system ensures MaxPro Floor Liners don’t move around while driving or getting in and out of the car, stopping any mishaps while driving and protecting the vehicle’s flooring better.

Easy to clean

When most people think of floor mats, they picture the standard carpet mat with a rubber backing. The carpet tends to pick up dirt and debris, which can be annoying and time consuming to clean. Maxliner Australia says one of the best things about the MaxPro range is you can take them out, give them a spray with the hose, let them air dry, and get them back in without having to touch a vacuum.

Stop dirt from getting anywhere near the interior

Your shoes collect sand, gravel, dirt, and other debris from the job site to the campsite or even just down at the beach. On carpet mats, this debris can get rubbed in and ruin the fabric. Maxliner Australia says its liners are made from a high-quality semi-flexible material with ridges and are tough enough to withstand dampness, mud, or other dirty matter on the bottom of your shoes and live to drive another day.

Maxliner Floor Mats are available for Australia’s most popular utes, 4WD, and SUVs. Maxliner Australia says it is so confident in the design and engineering of the MaxPro range that it offers a lifetime warranty.

For more information on sales, distribution, or stockist opportunities, contact the Maxliner Australia Network Development team on 1800 592 192 or

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