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Off-road tracks to hit this winter

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Off-road tracks to hit this winter

Winter is coming, and getting off-road out in Australia offers a different experience 

It might be enough to make you bunker down and hibernate until spring has sprung if you are in the southern-eastern seaboard states. Or you could be lucky enough to experience the dry season in the Top End or Central Australia and see the country from a different perspective. Hitting the tracks in the off-season comes with different challenges, so even if you are an experienced off-roader on a track you know and love we recommend driving to conditions and ensuring you have recovery and safety gear with you.

Chambers Pillars – NT 

The Red Centre can be brutal in summer. When the winter hits and the temperatures drop, it can be the perfect place to spend your days exploring and nights watching the outback sky. One of our favourite places to visit is Chambers Pillars, about 150km out of Alice Springs. 

The highlight of the reserve is a 50m high sandstone pillar that is awe-inspiring when the sunsets. 

The drive is not challenging for an experienced 4WDer, but it is fun with some dune driving, sand drifts, and steep jump-ups. 

Our tip The temperature can drop below 0 at night. We love a Darche sleeping bag for keeping us warm.  

Sundown National Park – QLD

When a park has a separate entrance for 4WDs, you know that it will be fun. The park can be wet in summer, so winter lets you experience it in cooler, drier weather. And what an experience, with different grades of walks and some epic camping and fishing spots that you will need an off-road vehicle to access. The rocks, clay, creek crossings, and wombat holes on the tracks are most suitable for experienced off-roaders with a high clearance 4WD with low range.

Our tip  The tracks in the National Park are rocky and rough; low tyre pressures are a must. The Clearview Tyre Spider is perfect for simplifying inflating and deflating tyres. 

Anne Beadell Highway SA-WA

Though not as famous as some other cross country roads, the Anne Beadell Highway crosses from Coober Pedy to Laverton and is one of Australia’s most remote and longest. With the mercury hitting almost 50 degrees in the summer, winter offers a more hospitable environment to explore. You will need to allow five to seven days to get across the 1300km track, but the drive is not arduous, with some dune crossings and corrugations and close scrub to deal with

Our tip You are going to need to be self-sufficient for this one. An Autophix Australia OBDII scanning tool could help diagnose an issue before it becomes a headache.  

Swanston Track – TAS

If you like it muddythis could be the winter track for you—a pleasant meandering off-road track in good conditions. The difficulty kicks up a notch when you add a bit of mud to the steep descents and rocky terrain.

It is an easy day trip from Hobart, and the track itself should take two or three hours to conquer.

Our tips Take a friend if you need to be recovered, plus there are gates to open and close. And it will get muddy, so chuck in some of our Floor Liners, and you can keep your interior squeaky clean. 

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