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Ready to steer clear of the usual suspects like the Great Ocean Road and the well-pawed sands of K’gari? Buckle up, mate, because we’re about to detour into the wild and wonderful parts of Australia that your average tour bus fears to tread. And remember, with Maxliner accessories like rugged floor mats and durable canopies; your vehicle will be as ready for adventure as you are. So, let’s blaze a trail to these under-the-radar spots!

1. The Bloomfield Track, Queensland

Fancy a tropical challenge? The Bloomfield Track, with its lush rainforests, steep hills, and river crossings, is not for the faint-hearted. This isn’t a road you take in a shiny city SUV. Here, your Maxliner floor mats will catch more than just crumbs – think mud, leaves, and the occasional splash-back from a river crossing. Go ahead and get dirty outside while your floors stay pristine. It’s time to push your limits and embrace the thrill of the unknown!

2. Oodnadatta Track, South Australia

Iconic? Yes. Overrun? Not a chance. The Oodnadatta Track is where true-blue adventurers test their mettle against the arid heart of the Australian Outback. Think dry creek beds, ancient springs, and the hauntingly beautiful Lake Eyre. Traversing the Oodnadatta means equipping yourself for anything. The Maxliner ute tub rack transforms your vehicle’s load capacity, letting you haul extra fuel, water, and emergency supplies over this isolated terrain. Get ready to be awestruck by the raw beauty of this untamed landscape!

3. The Tanami Road, Western Australia to Northern Territory

Got a taste for the remote? The Tanami Road offers one of the most isolated drives on the continent, connecting Alice Springs with the Kimberley. Here, your 4WD better be as tough as old boots, and protection from the elements is crucial. A Maxliner canopy offers that and more, shielding your equipment from intense sun and unexpected downpours while providing a secure storage solution that locks out potential thieves. Whether stopping to camp or pushing through to your next checkpoint, your canopy has your back.

4. Bells Line of Road, New South Wales

Swap the Blue Mountains’ tourist traffic for the Bells Line of Road. The scenic drive calls for picnics, photo ops, and hiking. Maxbox storage boxes are the perfect companion, keeping your food, cameras, and gear organized and protected. Easy to access and tough against weather, these boxes mean less time spent packing and more time enjoying the crisp mountain air.

5. Gibb River Road, Western Australia

No list of epic Aussie road trips is complete without mentioning the Gibb River Road. This one’s for serious adventurers. Your Maxliner gear will be tested with river crossings, gorges, and rugged terrain. But never fear because Maxliner equipment has been tested on the ground to withstand some of Australia’s toughest conditions. 

So there you have it, five Australian road trip destinations that are off the beaten track and perfect for those equipped with a spirit of adventure and a 4WD with Maxliner as your sidekick. Here’s to conquering the uncharted like a boss!

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