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From the first Ford Australia Coupe Utility in 1934, Australian’s have had a love affair with the ute. And why wouldn’t we, whether you are purchasing a Hilux to get to your next holiday or a D-Max to get the job done, a suitable ute set up offers a vast amount of flexibility in using the most of your space.

Two of the most popular setups for buyers are a canopy or hard lid. Both options will help keep your gear dry and safe, but what you choose depends on how and what you use your vehicle for. 


Lightweight canopies made from ABS plastic or fibreglass are the most common tops fitted to utes in Australia. A huge benefit in fitting a canopy is that you have an all-weather protected area. This lets you personalise your fit-out with accessories such as drawers, tub liners or slides, and boxes that suit your lifestyle. Traveler, tradie or anything in between.

Maxliner has been making vehicle accessories for over twenty years. We design and engineer canopies for some of the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers. Our ABS canopy shells are tried and tested in some of the world’s harshest environments and backed by a two-year Australia-wide warranty. They feature an internal metal frame construction for more durability and load capacity. And a non-drill clamp fit for easy installation and removal.

Our Commercial canopy with no windows and a white painted finish gets the job done for a secure yet straightforward option.

For a sleeker, more modern look, our Full Option canopy is painted with OE quality colour-coded paint and features lockable tinted windows available as lift up or sliding and a central locking to the rear door.

Hard Lids 

If a canopy is not the look you are after, a hard tonneau cover offers a sporty styling option that still keeps your gear undercover and away from curious eyes. At Maxliner, we have both ABS & Alloy ute lids with weather-resistant seals to protect your gear. 

Our ABS hard lids are manufactured from premium-grade ABS and feature an internal metal frame for increased load capacity and durability. Colour coded with OEM quality paint; the tonneaus are available in a traditional 45° opening mechanism or 180° two-step lift-up system for the ultimate access to your ute tray. 

After an alloy lid, we stock matte black and polished aluminium for a wide range of utes. Features include a plug-and-play central locking system, quick release removal, and 130 KG carrying capacity. You can add a range of accessories for the ultimate flexibility, including rails, rollbars, and tiedown points.

Whether you use your ute for work or play or anything in between, getting your vehicle set up to suit your lifestyle can save you time and money down the track. The Maxliner Australia team is experts in designing ute setups to suit your lifestyle; contact them today on 1800 592 192 or