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With borders closed, more and more Aussies are hitting the road for local holidays. These are some of our hidden gems that may have flown under your radar on your next off-road adventure.  

NSW – Tamworth

Plenty of people pack the ute and head to Australia’s home of country music during the region’s famous festival. But, while the festival vibe during the Country Music Festival is epic, there is plenty to do outside of that. We recommend heading to Nundle, where you can set up free camps at Ponderosa Park, Swamp Creek, or Chaffey Dam for a small fee.

Don’t Miss: Let someone else do the driving and head out to DAG Sheep Station to do a local tour on their OKA 4WD bus.

QLD – Carnarvon National Park

This national park is known for the world-famous Carnarvon Gorge, but we also love camping and exploring the park’s lesser-known parts. One of our favourites is the technical 4×4 tracks within the Mount Moffatt part of the park.

Don’t Miss: Seeing a different side of the gorge with The Carnarvon Gorge Night Safari. 

SA – Mount Gambier

Travel from the Victorian coastline to the Limestone Coast for a dream 4WD and beach camping trip. Pre-book your campsite online and get ready to let those tyres down for some serious sand driving.

Don’t Miss: The Sinkholes. The region has over fifty sinkholes, and you can do everything from swim, snorkel, dive, and visit a garden in them. 

NT – Arnhem Land

One of the last untouched slices of paradise in the world is right in our backyard. This bucket list adventure will expose you to one of the world’s remaining continuing indigenous cultures, and getting there is half the fun. Remember you must apply for a permit before you enter the land.

Don’t Miss: Putting your MaxPro Floor Liners to the test with a dry season drive from Darwin and some serious off the grid camping in Garig Gunak Barlu National Park.

WA – Kalgoorlie

The canopy is on, the drawers are in, and your gear is loaded. Just a 6-ish hour drive from Perth, you will discover one of Australia’s most exciting goldfields towns. There are also some decent unsealed roads and 4WD tracks to get you in and out if you are keen on more adventurous driving.

Don’t Miss: Pop into the Palace Hotel and drink at the same bar that 31st President Herbert Hoover drank at or learn to play Two-Up at Kalgoorlie School in an original corrugated iron shed and bush ring.

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